Shishpal Rawat to Receive Accellera Systems Initiative 2017 Leadership Award

Rawat will be recognized for his role in advancing Accellera’s mission and contributing to its growth worldwide

Elk Grove, Calif., June 13, 2017 -- Accellera Systems Initiative (Accellera), the electronics industry organization focused on the creation and adoption of electronic design automation (EDA) and intellectual property (IP) standards, announced today that Shishpal Rawat is the recipient of the sixth annual Accellera Leadership Award. The award recognizes the vision, leadership and contribution to standards development, governance and promotional activities of an Accellera member on behalf of the organization. The award will be presented to Shishpal at the 54th Design Automation Conference (DAC) during the Accellera Breakfast and Portable Stimulus Town Hall on Tuesday, June 20.

“Shishpal has had a profound impact on the advancement of Accellera’s mission and its growth worldwide,” stated Lu Dai, Accellera Systems Initiative Chair. “We are grateful for his years of leadership and dedication. Among his many accomplishments during his tenure as Chair of the Board of Accellera from 2010-2016, 15 members were added worldwide, three standards were published and two of those standards were successfully delivered to the IEEE Standards Association (SystemC AMS and UVM). He is very deserving of this award, and I am proud to honor him among his colleagues at DAC.”

“I am deeply honored by this recognition from Accellera," stated Dr. Shishpal Rawat. “With the help of key leaders in Accellera, we were able to expand the technical scope of Accellera and also market its standards across the globe at multiple DVCon conferences. These standards continue to have a positive impact on the productivity of chip design and design tools. I look forward to continued collaboration with Accellera."

Shishpal is currently president of the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) where he is responsible for overseeing the strategy, publications, conferences, new initiatives and chapter developments for IEEE CEDA.

Shishpal has more than 30 years of experience in the electronics industry. He held a variety of positions at Intel Corporation prior to his retirement last year, most recently as Director of external EDA strategy. He led equity funding and held board memberships in EDA startups, oversaw research investments in academia, and developed strategy for many internal projects leading to new tools development. Shishpal has brought visionary leadership and financial stability to multiple non-profit organizations.

Shishpal became chair of Accellera in June, 2010. As chair of Accellera, he oversaw the consolidation of standards bodies, namely the merger with OSCI, as well as the acquisition of the OCP standard. He also helped to extend the relationship with the IEEE Standards Association’s IEEE Get Program for an additional 10 years, ensuring continued public access to view and download current EDA standards at no charge, courtesy of Accellera. He managed the relicensing of SystemC contributions to Apache 2.0 and oversaw the move toward standardization of the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) standard to IEEE 1800.2. The Verilog AMS standard also moved under the SystemVerilog AMS standard. The deployment of Accellera standards via the DVCon brand of conferences expanded to Europe and India, and the planning and development for DVCon China was initiated during his term of leadership. Most recently, the emerging Portable Stimulus standard made significant strides since work began in 2015 while Shishpal was chair of Accellera.

Shishpal received his master’s and doctorate degrees in computer science from Penn State University and his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

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